Construction in the village of multi-purpose Hall for the Church  whose function is to house people during the night, and conducting social activities during the day.







Buying a TOYOTA LAND CRUISER essential to drive  through a savanna and for long distances.










In November, the inauguration of the kindergarten.








A special thanks from the parish priest of Zabrè:

“I am pleased to speak on behalf of the Parish of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus of Zabrè. To greet you all and each for making a trip to visit us, despite your many occupations. A voice more appropriate than mine, namely, the mayor of the town, take the floor to welcome and greet you at your own respective titles and degrees. The blessing of the nursery Youngou inspires joy in being among the traditional authorities, religious and administrative, not to mention parents and children. This circumstance allows us to remember the good cooperation between the Church and State administration with the support of the Protestant, Muslim and traditional authorities. The contribution of Catholic education in the education system in Burkina Faso is very determined and is not to impart knowledge and learning, but much more to offer comprehensive training. I congratulate the people of Youngou for this jewel: and ‘the opportunity to say thank you to Father Bartholomew for his presence and through him, to all the benefactors who helped to make this nursery school which follows the well, the multi-purpose hall, primary school and medical dispensary. We rely on the local contribution to the smooth operation of this school, thank you all for your interest in this work and God bless it. “

The pastor of Zabre’





Excavation of the second well equipped with a pump that works thanks to a solar panel kit and distributes water to constructions. The tank capacity is 5000 liters.

Over the following years 3 other wells were built!





Construction of a medical facility to house medical volunteers from Italy, and a clinic to provide primary care, treat ambulatory minor emergencies, and give basic vaccinations as well as free medications when available.




Thank to  the help of some friends and families (including the Petrucci Family) construction of a school with 6 classrooms and direction, complete with all educational facilities, 125 desks and solar panels to provide electricity to the computers.

Since teachers have to live on the site were also built 3 houses for them.









Excavation of the first well by a French company. Water is found at a depth of 80 meters.


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