High school is finished!

In October 2012 has been officially opened the first high school of Youngou.
Making such an important project has been difficult, especially in a land so distant, but now many boys and girls will have the opportunity of studying. Thanks to everyone who supported us.
The well was donated by the Movement SHALOM of San Miniato (Pisa) and was made by OCADES of Ouagadougou.


The family house



An ecograph GE Logiq 400 CL PRO and 4 beds were bought.

The materials will be ship as soon as possible to the Zabrè hospital.




The family house is unser construction.
More than a thousand of trees were planted in the garden that will surrounds the building.







The construction of the high school goes on…


It has been excavated a well approximately 100 meters far from the mean construction.

The well was donated by SHALOM Asoociation of San Miniato (Pisa) and was excavated by OCADES of Ouagadougou.




Next March the cooperative will have the first pick of papaya.

It is estimated that they could collect between 1 and 3 tons of papaya every three days.


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