‘Bartolomeo Petrucci Onlus Pro Africa’ is non-political and nondenominational association operating on a national and international level with its personally committed volunteers. This association has the aim to help the disadvantaged inhabitants of developing countries, such as Burkina Faso in Western Africa in particular.




The President Father Bartolomeo del Gaudio explains




I met a foreigner years ago. He came from Burkina Faso and he told me about his country and his  village named YOUNGOU situated 200 km southward of the capital OUAGADOUGOU. His Village is inhabitated by 4.500 people, most of them are peasants. He told me about his countrymen’s life conditions and about what they needed to survive. Moreover, he told me that they needed schools and wells, because both the pupils and the population had to walk for 10 km to go to school or to draw some water. All this pushed me to do something for YOUNGOU village.

My first project that was carried out was to dig a well:It cost  10 thousand euros because water was found at depths of eighty meters. Sometimes it is necessary to dig at greater depths, over 100 meters.

Afterwards, we built a primary school with six classrooms. Its building and furnishing costed about 50 thousand euros. The school regulations requires a house for each teacher and his/her family, because they come from afar and they have to live there by law. We had to built houses for them. The cost of each  house is about 8 thousand euros.

Meanwhile, we founded on 26th of march 2007 an Onlus Pro Africa association with the aim to help the disadvantaged people living in the developing countries, such as Burkina Faso in particular, and since then we have been costantly active!


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